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Heidi Flaxman


MA Design student, living and studying in Bristol, UK.

Creative Statement

Growing up in the clay villages of the St Austell area of Cornwall etched a subliminal affinity with the land and its characteristics which only became prominent recently; the desire to understand the area around me and its history. I am particularly interested in how the ground has been exploited for its resources and the scars which have been left behind. These generate a connection which cannot be resolved without understanding how it came to be.

My current body of work is influenced by cartography, topography and geology with a focus on developing a coalescence between digital fabrication techniques and traditional hand making skills; specifically those of tapestry weaving. The resulting design methodology combines a range of skills which enable me to create three-dimensional textile ‘landscapes’. Thus the traditional flat wall mounted tapestry transforms into a sculptural artefact; linked to the geology and land.

​The convergence of these areas challenges me, but also conveys a balance within my practice. I enjoy the immediacy of designing on the computer and combining this with the slower pace of weaving. Each of these being methodical processes informed by iterative planning and sampling.   



MA Design, The University of the West of England, Bristol (2016-19)


Developing my practice, design thinking and application of innovation to my work. A passion for research has been realised throughout the Masters Programme. Working to develop techniques and processes combining digital fabrication and traditional making skills to produce a new take on tapestry weaving and sculptural textiles.


Design Crafts BA (Hons), De Montfort University, Leicester (2009-12)


My Undergraduate degree gave me the opportunity to explore materials, processes and develop my knowledge of making in a contemporary context. I developed a specialism in Mixed Media Textiles with a focus on hand making techniques.



Computer Aided Design

Extensive Material Knowledge

Research and Development

Traditional Craft Skills